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Many people dread getting up in the morning and going to work. I get up in the morning thankful for the opportunity to do what I love - helping others make something of themselves both professionally and personally !! 

Making a Difference...

Last year I taught my students how to create professional business plans. This year I had a student come to me and say " Mr. Ayres, check out my business plan. I did it just like you taught me last year, took it to the SBA and they are giving me a small business loan to get my business going".

Awesome! I absolutely love hearing that. Again, that is why I teach.  



A student took my Personal Finance course. The week the semester ended he competed in the BPA Idaho State Competition and come in 1st place out of 24 competitors. At nationals he became Precision Exam Certified in Mathematics of Business and Personal Finance. The most satisfying part is he said he knew virtually nothing about personal finance before he took my course. I am so proud of him and grateful that I was able to help facilitate his success. 

This is Why I Teach...

I had a high school sophomore in my accounting class a few years ago. He made it clear he did not want to be in school, much less be in accounting. He was sarcastic and disrespectful. I didn't give up on him however. By the end of the semester he was acing all assignments and seem to have a knack for numbers. 

I didn't see him for about 5 years. One day he walked into my classroom, asked if I remembered him and said that because I didn't give up on him he was majoring in accounting in college and about to graduate with a degree in accounting and business management. Teachers don't hear those stories much. When I heard that testimony from him how I aided in his success in life, I felt so good and thought to myself " that is why I teach. I truly made a difference in that young man's life".   

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